Crossing Gables


This West Virginia home is situated on a 25% slope with a stunning view.  The owner wanted an open design that would allow every major room to have a view.  Crossing gables and the stepping of the house in both plan and elevation, add much interest to the appearance.  3D modeling was used extensively in the creation of this house. 


"The main reasons I chose to go with you were your enthusiasm and your willingness to provide as much or as little support as I wanted. You also provided a good overview of the cost and effort breakdown which gave me a good feel for how things would progress. I think most people want to feel that their architect has a creative mind and also a sense of practicality and is not going to force feed their vision, but instead adapts their vision to what the customer wants. You made it clear that you were customer focused.  As the process progressed, I think your ability to flexibly adapt some initially "wild" concepts to practical ideas was great.”  - Pete


New House